E-ICU Services

E-ICU Services

It’s a new paradigm for critical care services that use the fusion of Information Technology, Health Care Services and Innovation all brought together to develop high-end patient care to far locations. Crippling shortage of Doctors and intensive care specialist in manifold remote areas of India is the significant reason for the lower quality of health care treatments.

E-ICU is a complex mechanism to ease the critical care service at the distant place.

This is a multi-layer service which is provided from a control and command centre in Delhi.

Overview of Our Services

A critical patient is admitted to our partner hospital ICU is constantly monitored via audio-visuals. High definitions and ultra-resolution cameras help our health care professionals in the control and command centre to remotely look at the patient in ICU. Live analysis of scanned x-rays, sonogram and lab reports are done which is shared to us via safe file protocols. Our Doctor and intensivists from control room provide proper directions and prescriptions as per patient requirement. Latest software and computer peripherals are used to analyze the data and automated alarm system is triggered in case of any malfunction associated. The CNS system uses the algorithm to analyze any deviation in the patient health condition and constantly sends feedback to the command centre.

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