What is E-ICU?

E-ICU stands for Electronic Intensive Care Unit which is a form of telemedicine that uses state of the art technology to provide an additional layer of critical care service. Tele ICU is a supplement to the intensive care unit services. It is a 24*7  monitoring system to remotely treat critically ill patients.

Why E-ICU service is need of time?

Due to dismal Doctor to Patient ratio, India has been witnessing problem to address the health issues of critically ill patients in rural as well as the urban area. WHO prescribed ratio is 1:1000 but the reality is far below the standard ratio hence in order to facilitate the greater number of patients with critical care services concept of E-ICU or Tele-health emerged.

What are the Advantages of Tele- ICU?

There are many advantages to E-ICU. This is the cost-effective method where a remote patient can be treated by highly qualified Doctor of a Metro city. Distances are minimized by the use of technology. The clinical complication is highly reduced with this technology. As per Indian Journal of Public Health Tele- ICU services can highly reduce the mortality rate in remote areas of India.

Who can associate with Panchmukhi Global E-ICU?

There is a wide scope of Hospitals in urban as well as remote areas to associate with us. Doctors, Intensivists and others dealing with Health Care Services have golden opportunity to become part of this highly rewarding and job satisfaction services.

What is the Cost of E-ICU Services?

Cost of Tele-Health or E-ICU services depends on many essential factors. However to provide a rough estimate INR 2000 to 3000 per patient per day is an ideal rate for services. The price is highly negotiable and a customer must call our helpline to know details of packages under their budget.

What is the payment process for your E-ICU?

We charge on the Daily basis. Every evening before 5:00 P.M amount should be credited in Company’s account.

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